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Schedule Deployment Meeting Agenda

Schedule Deployment

Here are a list of items to cover in your schedule deployment staff meeting:

    1. Ensure your staff has received their email with username and password information
    2. Have employees go to their respective app store and download the Better Chains app


    3. Open app and log in using information from email
    4. Review the tutorial
    5. Go into settings, set notifications etc.
          *BC Tip enable all so nothing is missed!
    6. To set 24 hour clock go to settings and turn it on there
    7. Go back to the main menu and click on “Availability” have staff input their daily availability.
    8. Have employees go to Home screen and look at their upcoming schedules and see how they look, show any messages etc.
    9. Log into a working shift
    10. Explain how to swap and release shifts.
    11. Have each position swap with a co­worker and release a shift
          *BC Tip be careful here, your schedule is live any changes that are made due to training will need to be “fixed”.
    12. Go back to main menu and review the “Roster” tab on the menu
    13. Send a message to your staff so they can see how it looks on their schedule



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